My dryer runs but there is no heat.

Electric dryers run on a 30 amp 240 volt circuit. If for some reason the dryer only receives 120volts, the dryer will still run but there will be no heat, since the dryer motor requires only 120 volts to run. Check to make sure that both 30 amp fuses are good (replace both to make sure) or those circuit breakers are not faulty.

My dryer takes forever to dry the clothes.

The most common reason for long running times for dryers is because of excess buildup of lint inside the vent hose of the dryer, in the vent hood exhaust located outside on wall of building or even inside the dryer housing. Make sure you are using 4 inch aluminum vent hose no longer than 10 feet including a 4 inch 45 degree vent elbow at the dryer exhaust for proper air flow.

My washing machine is leaking oil on the floor.

The transmission is faulty and must be replaced. Check with the manufacturer to see if you still have a limited warranty on the washer. Make sure you have the make, model # and serial # handy when placing the service call. Most brands carry a 5-10 year warranty on this part.

My washing machine fills with water but doesn’t do anything after.

There are a few reasons that this is happening. You may have a problem with the lid switch or strike when you close the lid. The water level switch, the timer, motor harness, or motor itself may be at fault. We advise calling a service technician to diagnose this problem.

Refrigerator seems to be running all the time and not as cold especially during the summer season.

Make sure that the static condenser located at the back of the refrigerator or forced air condenser located underneath is not clogged with excess lint and dust buildup. This must been clean at all times for proper ventilation and air flow.

Refrigerator is leaking water inside below food storage drawers (crispers).

Your refrigerator drain system is restricted. Most refrigerators have a drain cup and drain elbow which allows the drain water to drain away ( usually into a drain pan located beneath the fridge or on top of the compressor motor) after it has completed a defrost cycle. Simply clean out these parts with hot water and replace and this should solve the problem. (Be careful not to damage any parts of the fridge when doing this) or give us a call and we can do it for you professionally at a very affordable rate!

My stove element burner stays on high all the time even if I have it set on the lowest setting.

The infinite heat switch is faulty and must be replaced. Make sure you match the right switch with the right element.

All my 4 surface elements of my stove work but the bake and broil functions don’t.

More than likely one of the 30 amp fuses is faulty. Replace both to make sure. Also on analog timer models, make sure that the timer is set properly… The stop or cooking time must be set in the manual position. The start time must be set in the out position. Try this first and see what happens.