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Angela McMillan Toronto, ON

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Hi There!  My name is Angela McMillan, and I am writing to let you know that I received top-notch service when I needed my counter-top dishwasher repaired.  The company that we dealt with was one of your service providers, Pambis Appliance, and the person we dealt with was Chris.  They went out of their way to be kind, helpful and accommodating, and did an excellent job repairing our dishwasher.  I understand that Pambis is relatively new on your list of service providers, so I wanted to put in a good word for them.   Good service is not always easy to find, but this company that I had never heard of before is one that I will recommend far and wide.  I sincerely hope your customer service reps do the same.  Thanks!

David Saltmarche Toronto, ON

My wife and I took for granted for so long the old Admiral washing machine. Until this past Saturday. When it died I began desperately searching for someone, anyone, to help. The service departments of the big retailers, most of whom were unavailable on the weekend, thought it might take two weeks to solve our dilemma. The person to whom I spoke at your office was not only available on a Saturday but was also a qualified repair guy who actually walked me through a diagnostic sequence to help him zero in on what may have gone wrong.  Impressive.  A service person arrived, on time, Monday morning with all the necessary parts on board and somehow got this out of date piece of equipment back into service within an hour. I am impressed that the notion of customer service is alive and well and that competent service assistance is available when the unexpected occurs. This is comforting. Thanks. Good work. I have already taped your card to the back of the machine.